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I'm in the thick of MFA semester work again, wrestling short stories and reading, reading, reading--and this time I have the added joy of research. That's because in a couple of months I'll begin work on a novel. Why a couple of months? I want to finish up these short stories first--or at least buff out some of their scuffs and make them a little bit more presentable.

I've just returned from a ten-day MFA residency at Vermont College of Fine Arts in Montpelier. I wrote about the experience here.

I know some of you are curious about my writing projects, but like a love scene in a PG-13 movie I shall leave the details to your imagination.
— Me

Why not tell all? In the early stages of a project, inspiration is very tender. Ideas are tentative and they need my perhaps deluded excitement to turn them out on the page. Let's say my big idea is to write about a herd of talking zebras. The last thing I need is to hear the pause in your voice or see the blink-blink-stare as you try to grasp why on earth I'm so passionate about this non-starter of an idea. Right? 

But I will tell you this: the novel is set in the Napa Valley.

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