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Art Appreciation

Context is everything. After listening to a poet read her work, you wouldn't pull her aside and tell her, "You're too cute for your own good." And if you did, it would have to be because you were thoughtless, your mind was elsewhere, you forgot what it was to wrestle words to the page and read them in front of people. You forgot how much genuine appreciation means. 

Or maybe you simply were an asshole.

But if the context were different--you were at a bar, say, where no words were being read, no personal art on the line--you might say it, and there your words would be fair game, to be enjoyed or dismissed, chips falling where they may.

But this didn't happen to Amanda Futrell at a bar--it happened after her recent poetry reading. She gives a nuanced view of likability, looks, and aspiring to produce great art on her blog.


The Delicate Art of Character Folding